About Us

Sanjinka Ostro, Team Founder
Sanjinka Ostro created a unique system for our team members. GDI Team Elite has been online since 2010. Growing ever stronger year on year thanks to a system that members can make their own. Once you learn the system it is yours to keep forever.

Martin Payling, Strategy, Site Running.
My vision for our branch of GDI Team Elite is both realistic and achievable. I believe that our system and team have what it takes to make a long term income from our GDI business. Many members of our team have enjoyed growing monthly commissions from GDI for years. Once you join our Team and learn the system..You own it!

Stephen Thomas, Strategy, Training.
I can't be more honest and determined to let you know that by following the training steps I have laid out for our members, anyone can make a profit online and build a nice residual income from this long term. I can also assure you that our team will be the number one GDI team online for many years to come.

Kathy von Geldern, Team leader.
I find that being with GDI Team Elite is very challenging and fulfilling and I am honored to be a big part of it. My long term goal is to help my downline members succeed and to do this we work TOGETHER as a team. When we believe in ourselves, it's amazing what we can accomplish and in time we will be the best team ever!

Morten Kristensen, Team leader.
GDI Team Elite, is most likely the best team platform ever created. A community of serious and focused team members, ALWAYS ready to help in any way possible.

Team Background

GDI Team Elite was founded in June 2010 by Sanjinka Ostro. Sanjinka spent two years on the GDI leader boards constantly recruiting new members, only to see many of them quit. Recruiting members into GDI without a duplicatable system was the inspiration Sanjinka needed to create GDI Team Elite. More about How GDI Team Elite Works Here

Our Goals

GDI Team Elite has gone from strength to strength since its conception in June 2010 and is amongst the top GDI Teams on the internet today. Our branch of GDI Team Elite is dedicated to the success of our members. Not only do we strive to be the best GDI team online, we intend to stay the best!

Members of our branch of GDI Team Elite benefit on a daily, weekly basis from the help and support they receive from their team leaders and upline. We intend to continue building ever closer relationships with our members long into the future. Many of us have made lifetime friends through being a part of GDI Team Elite.

Our Team Membership site is yet another step to strengthening our branch of the team and will always be a work in progress. We are proud of our team and our members, so we will always be looking for ways to improve our Team, System, Members site, and our strategy.