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This email contains EXAMPLE's of how you can advertise - Daily - SAVE THIS EMAIL !

Remember.. You don't need to join all of the sites I recommend, 
they are examples of the ones I use on a daily basis and may help you.

Any time you need more advertising information - Just contact me !

Advertising suggestions ! 
Post to 6 or more text ad exchanges - Daily.
Surf traffic exchanges.
Use social sites - IE.. Facebook, Linkedin, Swom, etc... Set up your profile page to highlight your Team Elite business.
Send out email campaigns using saflists. Build up points and send out solo's too !
I also experiment and try different techniques, and relay back to you all if I find good stuff.
So if you do anything...SET UP TEXT AD EXCHANGES.  If you need more - Just Google it to find more. 
Please get your Text Ad Exchange Campaigns Rolling !  Setup 10 to 20 Or more of them, and Post to 6 or more a day !  
Once You Set Them Up - Post to 6 or more - daily !
1. All Free
2. Setup text ads, html ads, banners, and links on all of these below.
3. Once completed - Post your HTML and Text Ads Daily.  
4. Use the same name and password for each site.
5. Look for new sites popping up all the time offering free pro memberships and thousands of credits.
6. Once set up route emails coming in from the exchanges to different folders, than your main inbox.
7. You only need to read ads, when you run out of credits. 
8. Post ads every ! If you gain more points then you can send solo's or use credits for banners etc...
9. Keep an eye out for new exchanges opening, offering free Pro Upgrades solo's and Credits.
10. Use those with 1000 members and more...
Text ad exchanges

My Free Text Ads:


Text Ad Magic:


Quality Text Ads:


Infinite Ads 2 Profit:




Project FREE Text Ads:


All American Ads:




My Traffic Ace:


Solo Ads Only:


Wow Factor Adz:


Traffic Ranch Text Ads:


My Daily List Builder:


Trafficfina Text Ads:


Tiger Text Adz:




Mighty AdZ:


123 LinkAUrl Traffic Ad Exchange:

TLG Text Ads:


Free Admin Ads:


Must Have Traffic:


1 Million Free Ads:


Cash on D Buzz:




Adz Quik:


Cash Solos:


Text Ads World:


Traffic Ad Links:


Festive Traffic:


ResponsiveHits4You :


Ad Exchange Rankings:




Business Mailer:


Successful fuel traffic:


Real Time PRO Traffic:


Ads 4 Earners:




Joint Venture Ads:




Real Time MEGA Traffic:


SuperSOLO Ad Network:


Traffic Storm:




Right Now Traffic:


Your EZ Ads:


Driving Traffic 2 U:






Turbo Text Ads:

TRAFFIC Exchanges

Top 20 TE's are Highlighted in yellow. 
(As shown in TE Toolbox)

You can track your own links here At TE Toolbox:
Another Great Tracker - Trackads

Traffic Hoopla - All your traffic exchanges in one place

Cut down the number of TE's you have to surf, 
EXPLOSIVETRAFFIC lets you get views at thousands.  
All you have to do is add your Unique Co-Op URL to your 
Favorite Traffic Exchange or Rotator, then surf as usual,

19. Hot Website Traffic:








Traffic Soldiers:










Traffic Pods:




Traffic Showdown:






Traffic Centre:

Pigskin Hits:

Earn while you surf by simply downloading and installing this browser add on:




Set up 2 or more gmail accounts,
1 for your GDI Team Elite Business.
1 for your advertising !
You can set up more gmail accounts for different types of advertising as I do !
If you need more information about this just contact me.

Setting up GMAIL Filters

How to Use Gmail : Creating Filters in Gmail:

Text Explanation:

Other Stuff

Free Email Leads
SuperList Explode
Social Networks
Setup a Facebook and Twitter Account.











These email leads can only be used to promote GDI at your own risk. 
You can use them to promote your other programs which may help your GDI business But GDI are very strict on spam.
Here is the link to your weekly leads - For Your Email Campaigns !

Weekly Team Training Webinars - 6PM EST Every Saturday
Room Password: teamtraining


I typically use versions of this ad, everywhere...tweek, accordingly..You must sell the benefits of being on our team !
Here are a couple of short subject lines also:
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Join GDI Team Elite - We Will Give You 6 Paid Members & Much More - FOR FREE !

Have a super day. Sample AD : With Spam Clause - BELOW !
You will Get:
  • 6 Paid Members in Your Downline
  • FREE Team Leadership Training
  • Active, Knowledgeable Sponsors
  • FREE Collective Advertising System 
Our team works together to build downlines for each and every member !
Martin Payling
GDI Elite Team Leader
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Useful URL's

 - links to video's to show you how to use advertising sites.

Skype Download page

Skype Translator Download page


You can track your own links here At TE Toolbox:



How to Correctly Place Text Ads


Sign up for a textad exchange

How To Post Text Ads


Traffic Hoopla Video by Sanjinka Ostro

Surf mutiple traffic exchanges video

Maxthon Browser


How to Use Safelists




How To Correctly Place Banner Ads


Good luck, and please contact me when you need help. 
I have sample ads, prospect follow up letters, etc.
All you have to do is ask.